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Transferring Law Schools

In fact, some of the firms do believe that these candidates prove themselves to be better lawyers, as they are focused on forging a successful career right from the first year.

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Investigating Discrimination Complaints to Avoid Lawsuits

However, you should pay him while he is suspended and tell him that you have not yet reached a decision.

Interview witnesses-Talking to the witnesses will give you a clearer picture regarding what happened. It also prohibits you from l read more...

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California prenuptial Laws Explained

California is a "community property" state, which means that all property acquired during the marriage, except that of gift, bequest, inheritance, separate property and the rents, profits, appreciation thereon is community property. Consequently, read more...

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Goenka Public School: Enhancing Creativity

Why is India still a developing country and not a developed country? What is stopping it from being a developed country? These are some of the common questions that we often encounter after switchi read more...

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Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training Laws In California, Connecticut, And Maine

California's mandatory sexual harassment law (AB 1825) provides detailed requirements for harassment training - requirements far more stringent than those of Connecticut and Maine. Again California holds its employers and supervisors to a new leve read more...

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Law School- Assistive Roadmap About Law School Admissions

Generally, law school professors will post reading assignments prior to the first day of class. Do you http://www.texaslawyer.com/ have what it takes?

Don't show up to

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Lawsuit Finance Blog :: Published by Nationally Focused, Pre-Settlement and Structured Settlement Funding

All nine people on board, two pilots and seven passengers from a Florida-based real estate company were killed. If any of the families are struggling to sustain themselves financially through the long court battle, they may want to consider lawsui read more...